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Bayu, a meditative piano improvisation performed by Andrew Schultz with live electronic manipulation by Bob Scott has just been released. The piece is freely based on the Russian children’s lullaby, Bayu Bayushki Bayu. The text of that song warns a child that they need to sleep on their side or a grey wolf will come and eat them. This is not exactly a comforting message so the piece has a mysterious and somewhat unsettled mood although it is always very quiet on the surface. But maybe something is lurking under the bed!


The recording was made at Io Myers Studio at UNSW Sydney in November 2019. This was probably the first commercially released recording made in the new venue which features active architecture in its design. Bayu is available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and from all other major digital music stores. It can also be heard on streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.  Or listen for free on YouTube.


Title Bayu
Artist Andrew Schultz
UPC 5054526564473
Release Date 3 Apr 2020
Phonographic Date 2020
Phonographic Owner Andrew Schultz
No. Tracks 1
Genres Classical


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