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Meaning of Water digital release

The Meaning of Water…seamlessly, with simple melodic fragments tossed around on rippling, surging figurations.” 

[Malcolm Tattersall, Music Forum, Autumn 2011]

The Meaning of Water is a work for seven harps by Andrew Schultz. The work was commissioned by Seven Harp Ensemble (SHE) directed by Alice Giles in 2005. They have performed and recorded the work widely including on a Tall Poppies CD, Bolmimerie (TP204) in 2010 and in performances around Australia and the USA.

The earlier recording has now had a new digital release on Sedition making the piece available for the first time on all major digital platforms including on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

The seven harp ensemble presents amazing and unique sound possibilities for a composer – sonorities and interplays of performers that are also well-suited to the ineffable and unstoppable qualities of water in motion.

The performer members of SHE on the recording are Alice Giles, Ingrid Bauer, Liena Lacey, Genevieve Lang, Hilary Manning, Tegan Peemoeller and Laura Tanata and the recording producer is Belinda Webster.

Play on YouTube for free – click on the image below

“…the new composition of The Meaning of Water by Andrew Schultz was I felt a masterpiece. It was like a water instrument with gurglings and churnings and words can’t describe it.” 

[Live Journal,, 27 June 2006]


TitleThe Meaning of Water 
ArtistSHE Seven Harp Ensemble, Andrew Schultz & Alice Giles 
Release Date13 Aug 2021 
Phonographic Date2010 
Phonographic OwnerTall Poppies 
No. Tracks
GenresClassical & Classical Crossover

Read Andrew Schultz’s article about his music and the ways in which it is inspired by water.

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