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ABC Classic have published four on-line illustrated articles by Andrew Schultz discussing the music of Jean Sibelius.

Each of the articles discusses a different aspect of his music, work and life and tracks the development of his symphonies throughout his career.

The articles are illustrated by numerous audio and video links to performances of Sibelius’ music by some of Australia’s best orchestras and ensembles including Gondwana Voices, Sydney Youth Orchestra, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Adele Anthony. The articles were originally written for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Vladimir Ashkenazy’s Sibelius series.

The articles are a part of ABC Classic’s Read and Watch Listening Guide series and are produced by Matthew Lorenzon. Here are links to the four articles:

Sibelius and Finlandia,

Sibelius and the violin,

Sibelius and sobriety, and

Sibelius and success.




Silver cylinders in the shape of a sound wave make up the Sibelius memorial in Helsinki

Sibelius and success

Sibelius stopped composing long before his death, an uncommon thing for composers. Andrew Schultz explores Sibelius’ final two symphonies.



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