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2019 Wrapped

Well — here are a few highlights for 2019 – things that may have been forgotten or never before mentioned.


Spotify – 2019 Wrapped

Spotify have provided an animated summary of 2019 streaming of Andrew Schultz’s music: it’s a very slick animation and some screenshots are below. Schultz highlights: 15 streams per hour; lots of people listening when they should be sleeping (or maybe they were sleeping); 194% annual increase in streams; 166% increase in listeners; 269% increase in the USA.







The Children’s Bach

The opera, based on Helen Garner’s novel of the same name, was revived for the Canberra International Music Festival in May and has since been recorded for CD release. “At the Fitters’ Workshop, an ensemble of top-quality singers and musicians brought Schultz’s vision to life.” Read some reviews of the work here.


Naxos Musicology International have just published Andrew’s detailed discussion of musical space, “Journeys within Musical Space: Real and Imagined”.

“The memorable physical journey down the dry bed of Central Australia’s Finke River, depicted in T. G. H. Strehlow’s Journey to Horseshoe Bend, invited metaphorical and literal translation into musical terms in my 2003 symphonic cantata of the same name (with a libretto by Gordon Kalton Williams). In this essay, I discuss the ways composers draw on existing metaphors, and create new metaphors, for real, lived experience: in particular, the way music can act as a translation and transformation of experience and gain cathartic and dramatic weight in the process. The focus is on examples from my own musical works that translate space into compositional form; and on the challenges that exploring space in an unconventional way can create for a composer in the pragmatic and often conservative world of orchestral performance traditions.”

Naxos Musicology International is a brand new on-line journal edited by Davinia Caddy. The article discusses several Schultz works released by ABC Classics including Journey to Horseshoe Bend (SSO) and various orchestral works on two TSO Composer Portrait discs. There are direct links in the article to audio excerpts from those ABC Classics recordings so that readers can also be listeners. The full article with all of the audio links can be accessed by logging in to the Naxos Music Library (for those with a subscription) and then follow the links to Musicology or you can read a PDF here:  Journeys within Musical Space: Real and Imagined.



St Peter’s Chorale in Brisbane recently commissioned a new Schultz work for choir and piano called Mind for performance on their extensive European tour. The tour starts in St Paul’s Cathedral, London on 28 December 2019 and ends 21 performances later in Aalholm Kirche, Copenhagen on 17 January 2020. Along the way they perform at many great venues including St George’s Memorial Church, Ypres and the Thomaskirche, Leipzig.  The choir is directed by Kathryn Morton with Phillip Gearing accompanist.

See the full tour details here: chorale-tour-venues-A3.

Read more about the Schultz composition Mind here.


Dark Well

Andrew has been working hard on a very large new work for two pianos with multimedia audiovisuals; the hour long work is called Dark Well.

The photos in this blog post are from two workshops for the piece – the photo at the top of this blog is from an Australia Council funded residency at UKARIA Cultural Centre in South Australia in August. The performers are Stephen Emmerson and Sonya Lifschitz (pianos) and Andrew is sitting in the seats.

The photo below is from a workshop in December at UNSW Sydney and features some of the visual, audio and video design created by Alyssa Rothwell (artist), Martin Fox (video) and Bob Scott (sound).

More details of the work and forthcoming performances to follow next year!





Season’s greetings.


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