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Andrew Schultz on Composition

Halcyon have released four video interviews on YouTube of Andrew Schultz discussing his work. In these interviews he discusses his approach to composing and creativity, expressing ideas and communication in music, the importance and joy of working with words and text, and some thoughts on recording music.


1. Creating the framework


2. Finding your voice


3. On setting text


4. On recording



Here is the Halcyon information on the project:

In this series we talk with composers about their craft, their process, their influences, and of course their approach to vocal writing. Built on long working relationships, the conversations have an ease of familiarity but also provide useful insights into each composer’s work, their relationship with Halcyon and the pieces that they have written for the ensemble.


Read more about the series here:

Interviewer: Jenny Duck-Chong, artistic director of Halcyon

Video Production & Motion Graphics: Liz Duck-Chong

Produced by Halcyon and Liz Duck-Chong

In association with the Australian Music Centre

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