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Paradise in Paris


Andrew Schultz’s Paradise for soprano, cello and piano (2013) will have its world premiere at La Loingtaine in Paris on Sunday, 7 June 2015 at 5pm. The performance will be given by the three musicians for whom the work was written: German soprano Felicitas Fuchs; cello virtuoso Li-Wei Qin and  and well-travelled pianist Bernard Lanskey. The program also includes works by Franz Schubert and Richard Strauss – for full details and to obtain tickets, click here.

Thick glass catches light

then flashes and flames.

A slow rumble through space

is a deep throb then gone.

[Paradise, I. Suspended Earth]

Paradise is a setting of the composer’s own texts in five movements (I. Suspended Earth, II. Safety Glass, III. Child, who are you?, IV. Jigsaw, V. Almost Flight) and of about 20 minutes duration.  Paradise will also have its Australian premiere this year – Halcyon will perform the work in Sydney on Thursday, 17 September.  More details:

When you dreamed, as children often do,

of flying above the earth,

cool and still:

is this what you had in mind?

[Paradise, V. Almost Flight]

La Loingtaine concert: infos

Andrew Schultz: courte biographie

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